I AM Power

- Winner of TV Psychic Shows
- Advisor to Celebrities
- Host of Weekly Radio Show
- Master Medium from Europe

  • Worked as Medium Detective with Police
  • Picked by Master Medium as top Medium Trainer
  • Advisor to Several Celebrities
  • Recognized as top European Medium & Healer
  • Financial Guidance to Stock Brokers and Clients
  • Guidance to Lawyers on Tough Cases
  • Help in finding missing people
  • Personal Advisor to CEOs and Saved Companies
  • Guides Individuals with Love, Pregnancy, Illnesses and Life Challenges
  • Top Keen Advisor

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    PersianMedium; I Am Power

    When you have made the decision to work with Persian Medium get reayd for a thrilling experience.

    The Power of spirits is at your disposal now. Persian Medium opens the window to the world of uknown energies and communicates with the spirits. The answers are communicated to her by spirits through her unique pentagon technique

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    Client Experience

    "My daughter was not eating any food when she was three years old. I had been to many doctors and specialists. Doctors had given up hope. In my desperate hours I came across Persian Medium. She started her work on my daughter and after a few weeks she asked for a hamburger! I was astonished and full of joy. Doctors called it a miracle"

    "I contacted Persian Medium when I was hopeless, as I had been served a notice of bankruptcy for someone I had loaned a large sum of money. She worked on the pentagon and was able to change the situation to the point the person started to deposit money into my account left and right. I recouped 95% of money before the bankruptcy court hearing. WOW!!!"

    "I called Persian Medium to ask about the person I lost contact with and I was much in love with several years ago. First she told me that I had difficulty to walk and I was probably not able to move, which she was absolutely correct. I am handicapped and move around in a wheelchair. How she knew that from my voice on the phone by itself was incredible. Then she told me about places to search for him and I followed her advice. He was where Persian Medium had predicted and with a simple email we connected again. Interestingly he was also looking for me and we never knew where to look until Persian Medium showed us the path"

    "I always wanted to start a restaurant business. Never had the nerve as I had some failures along the way. I contacted Persian medium and she paved the path for a successful launch of my business and products. She even picked a brand name for me, which right away generated several calls and got my products into several grocery stores, my catering business exploded and I had distributors calling me for more. Don't even know what happened, but things took off like a rocket after that faithful call"

    "I had tried just about every thing I could imagine to get pregnant. My Husband was all frustrated and I had no choice but to let him think about the other possibilities, as he was desperate for a child. He had actually started getting close to a friend of mine and I did not want to steel his dream from him. I called Persian Medium sobbing and crying my heart. She calmed me down and worked with me. She showed me how to attract my husband's affections back. The sex was incredible after that and after a couple of months I found out that I was pregnant. It is a girl."

    "My jerk boy friend of 6 years was giving me a run around and he was going to leave me. I did not want to end the relationship. He was in no way going to continue the relationship. I called Persian Medium and she showed me the path and helped me to find what was missing to make him mine. After about 8 months he proposed and we got married a few months later. This was a spiritual experience and journey. As I not only got the man of my dreams but also found out a better way of being girl friend and a finally a wife. I think he noticed the changes in both of us!"

    My Managers Came Back Begging...
    My Managers Came Back Begging -
    "I was fired from my job a couple of years ago. The boss treated me real badly at the end. I called Persian Medium for relief. She told me about their intensions before this all happened. She also told me that they would come back begging. PM told me she would put a spell on them, and they would understand what they had done. One and half years later they came back knocking. Fisrt apologies, and letters then offers."

    Got Him to Be Mine...
    My Managers Came Back Begging -
    "I loved the man of my life, except he was not into me. I had tried to do just about anything to catch this man. He would not commit because of his child form previous marriage. I was sure he did not want to be with me. Persian Medium convined me that he was interested, then she used he magic to influence him and all those around him. In a matter of months he turned aroud, and he became an angel. I was so surprised so much in the changes that I saw. He finally proposed and made a deal with me to put the focus of his life on me. He is now mine with all his wealth and influence."


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    Get Married with the power of Mediumship

    Persian Medium is an Ordained Minister and Performs Marriage Cermonies with her Power of Mediumship

    Seeking loved ones blessings who may have passed on?

    Power of Spirits are at Disposal with Persian Medium

    • > Open the window to the unknown worlds
    • > Communications with Spirits & unknown energies
    • > Accurate predictions with names, dates, and vivid details
    • > Use of PENTAGONs to read the details on ones life & Spirit codes
    • > Connect with the energy sources of universe and control them
    • > Life path analysis and guidance for better life
    • > Ask specific questions and get unexpected answers
    • > Refocus life
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